I studied business and after college, I went straight to the conventional 9-5 life. It took me a while until I realized that life was simply not for me. I knew I had to change but I had no idea how. So, decided to listen to my inner-child and she reminded me about my passion for writing and that my dream of becoming a journalist could still be, somehow, achieved. 

This, however, wasn’t really clear to me at the time, so I decided to travel. I was always a wanderlust girl and a break from my day-to-day life was more than necessary. 


So I travelled… 

In 5 years I lived in 6 different countries between Europe and Southeast Asia. During my trip, I dove deep into my inner journey. And there I found all the answers. 


From that, I became a yoga and health junkie. It's changed my life completely.


At that time I was studying to become a certified health coach and I wanted to help people to change their lives the same way I did. Through a nutritious whole food plant-based diet, meditation and mindfulness, change of perception and mindset towards the way our society approaches diseases and mental health.


The same way you, as a health practitioner, I know the power of the mind and nature. That’s why my mission is to help you to inform your reader and future customer of the benefits of treating their wellbeing and health in a different way, looking at it with a different perspective. 


Because I deliver results. Check this out...

According to Analytics, oftentimes the most-read article on the website WomanlyLive.com -- a website with 55,000 unique monthly visitors...

...and articles’ readability above average: 5 min and 20 seconds against the 3 min and 30 seconds of the website’s overall rate.

Amo Mama, an online media with 21 million unique visitors worldwide,I've had 2 viral articles within 48 hours, with an average page view of 32,000 views.

2+ years of experience working as content writer for a range of clients -- from startups, to e-commerce platforms to large online medias.

I also...

I love reading a well-informed article in which I can truly learn something. So I work my best to provide the same to you. I research every topic until is completely understood and I translate that into interesting content. 

More than that - I help you to create leads while you’re focused on scaling and flourishing your business with confidence.

Some of my credentials:

  • Certified health coach, Precision Nutrition, PN1 - specialized in plant-based nutrition 

  • Yoga & Meditation practitioner 

  • Business background - I worked in the corporative world for +6 years and I have experience in Marketing and strong market research skills that allows me to improve your content, attract leads with a business mindset, not only as a writer. 

  • Certified in Advanced English, Cambridge University (UK)

  • EF C2 Proficient according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).



  • I'm originally from Brazil but I've been living and travelling the world since 2015.

  • I love nature and I'm a spiritual junkie, so when I'm not writing, I'm doing yoga or swimming in the ocean. And eventually hugging a tree!

  • I'm bilingual (English & Portuguese) and speak 3 other languages: Spanish, French and German.

  • Fries with mayonnaise is my fave junk food - don't judge me, I learned with the Belgians!