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There's No Magic Pill, Only a Healthy Diet Can Save You

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

In the fast-paced world we live, we are progressing faster and faster on matters like technology, science and engeneering. Even Western medicine seems to be “progressing”. But that analogy leaves a false impression of progress. How can we be progressing that much when leading causes of death in the world are coronary heart disease and strokes? Have we failed to fight them or are we simply approaching this problem in the wrong way?

The run for the magic pill is endless and will continue this way until we realize that we should be looking at the root cause of an illness, instead of treating symptoms.

Healthy food Vs pill: Which one can truly heal you?

Science and traditional medicine don’t have all the answers

Truth must be told. As much as we like to think there is always a pill, a procedure or a surgery that might fix one’s problem, there isn’t.

If that was the case, millions of people wouldn’t be dying every year because of a heart attack.

People need to understand that if they want to change their condition, they must look outside of the box and face their reality. And that might be leaving the couch, turn off the TV, start to move and eat some veggies. However, that’s what they don’t want to hear. They want to keep living their comfort life, eating their comfort food, keep on doing the same old things that got them sick and hope that a magic pill will do all the work. Guess what? That’s not how it works!

Sickness is your body giving you a sign

Let’s think this way. Wild animals don’t get sick. Have you seen a lion with clogged arteries or a zebra with a tumor? Well, no. Animals that live and eat what they are supposed to be eating don’t get sick. We, the civilized and intelligent animals, are the ones getting sick. Because we don’t live in our natural environment either eat what we were designed by nature to be eating.

It turns out that most of the death causes are preventable and even reversible if followed an appropriate whole-food diet.

When alternative and integrative medicine come and remove the obstacles that prevent the body to function normally, the body responds by coming back to its natural state, which is being healthy.

How could we go this far?

If food is the key, how does my doctor doesn’t talk about that?

When Dr. T. Collin Campbell touched this subject in his book The China Study, he was very emphatic when he said that doctors receive little, close to none nutritional education during their studies. Medical students are still getting less than 20 hours of nutrition education over 4 years, and even most of that has limited clinical relevance.

Fortunately, this subject has been highlighted in recent years by some prominent physicians: “the reason stems, in large part, from the severe deficiency of nutrition education at all levels of medical training.”

Even so, the movement is still not enough. Many things need to be changed and until we reach the right scenario, we must gain momentum and take action by our own hands.

Food is always the key

To get a healthy lifestyle is not hard. It might look hard because of the circumstances we live in. We are always running to meet a deadline at work, pay bills, put food on the table but taking care of our health is, sometimes, considered last priority.

In fact, if we don’t take care of our health, we won’t be able to make ends meet. Be healthy should be priority number 1 in everyone’s lives.

How to start

If you are already familiar with this topic and want to make some changes in your life, I’d recommend starting slow. One step at a time. For instance, if you want to work out or eventually going for a run, add 2 or 3 days a week in your calendar for that activity. Even if you have just 10 or 15 minutes free. At least you are already doing something.

Same goes for changes in your diet. Removing a few unhealthy habits and foods, adding some other more nutritious foods.

The key is to respect your limits and listen to your body. Do that and see all the benefits coming into your life!

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