Keyboard and Mouse


You know the importance of having a consistent and well-defined strategy in your business. But do you know to create a content writing strategy? 


In the Content Writing & Strategy package, you’ll get an on-going, monthly basis service, custom project.




Step 1: Getting to know you: We begin with an assessment and brand discovery questionnaire.


Step 2: Research is the key: I’ll kick off our project with market research, including evaluation of your current content, market trends, understand your target audience and analyze your main competitors


Step 3: Strategy development: I’ll draft some content ideas, based on my previous research, put them in a calendar and I’ll brainstorm them with you. 


Step 4: Implementation: After planning, it’s time to write! I’ll start writing and once it’s ready, you can review it before the content is published. 


Step 5: Analysis & Check: r 4 weeks after we've started the project,  I’ll analyse all results and I’ll share them with you. Have we achieved our goals? If yes, rinse and repeat. If no, I’ll check what happened.


What’s included?


  • Market research

  • Content audition

  • Competitor analysis

  • Content strategy: development & implementation

  • Editorial calendar 

  • Content writing

  • SEO-optimization

  • Monthly perform analysis reports


Due to effort, time and high-level strategy I put into each project, investments begin at $1,800/month.